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Announcing the release of

Ghoul: A Dark and Humorous Look at Collection Agencies

by Bob Gage

A little over twenty years in the collection industry as an owner, manager and mostly a collector has lead to this nutty scratch. To any who are experiencing debt problems, for those thinking about entering the collection industry and for the true bill collectors who could use a break from the monotony and grind, along with a smile, I hope you’ll give this little rag a throw.


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Book Details:

Paperback. 96 pages.
Dimensions. 6x9.


What Some Are Saying About Ghoul

A fascinating look into the lives of those pesky people who call during the middle of your dinner. A must read for anyone who works or has dealings with ghouls. Bob hits one over the fence, can’t wait for his next project.
    –Sam Elvis Coe, Northern California Living Legend

Bob went to one of the best prep schools in the country? Wtf?!
    –Constance Weatherman-Crass, Portland Business Woman

Bob is still learning, etc., etc. In layman’s terms, this book is A-1.
    –Helga Schulzki, 30-Year Master Mixologist / Expert in Human Behavior

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