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Freedom in Grey
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Announcing the release of

Freedom in Grey

by Bob Gage

Now Available on Kindle 
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"Now I was at the crossroads: no wife, no home, and no business. As weird as it sounds, at the time it felt liberating. 

I needed a change in scenery; Fremont had turned into a haunting ground. Every street and neighborhood had become a reminder, a memory of my entire life. With money in the bank, I headed to the Pacific Northwest."

After twenty years of marriage, work, and a habitually stale routine--Lewis decides to start over. His relocation destination is, Portland, Oregon. While only six hundred miles or so from the San Francisco Bay Area (his birthplace and lifelong residence), his new surroundings are completely different. While reconnecting with his artistic mother and younger sister (a well-known author), he encounters a variety of economic and social awareness. Through the rain and weirdness that is Portland; Lewis discovers a fascinating culture and a better way of living. 

This is where a “cutsie” story collides with reality, living with the current financial and shared problems of our time--Lewis becomes enlightened.




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